How can I watch DVDs without needing a TV?

Episode 960 (15:40)

Roseanne from Los Angeles, CA
The Roku 3

Roseanne doesn't watch TV and her new iMac doesn't have an optical disc player in it. She'd like to watch both her DVDs and her VHS tapes. Leo says that DVDs are just the VHS tapes of today. The real trends are towards streaming online via services like Netflix and Hulu+.

Leo says that Roseanne can get a DVD player really cheap and then connect it directly to her TV. Roseanne says her TV doesn't have the right connections for the DVD player. Leo says to look for a component connection (Red, Green, and Blue). The other option is composite (yellow, red, white), but Rosanne says the TV doesn't see it. Leo says to go into the input selection and select it. She wants to get rid of the TV because it's too big, though. Leo suggests just getting a computer monitor. Many can handle both these days.

Leo says that a Roku Box is a good idea, and then she can sign up for Netflix for $8 a month.