How can I get my unlimited data plan back?

Episode 960 (1:53:24)

Paul from El Paso, TX

When Paul is staying at a hotel, he sees other people's libraries when he's on WiFi. Leo says what Paul is seeing is everyone else that's within range of him that's on the same WiFi network. It's a security issue if people aren't aware they're computers are wide open on the network.

Paul has also noticed he uses twice as much bandwidth using LTE. What good is having all that speed when he has a restrictive bandwidth cap that he blazes through? Leo says it is a conundrum. But often, an "unlimited" plan becomes limited precisely because more data is being used. AT&T grandfathers people in, but it's a limited offer. The others force users into bandwidth caps. He could pay for the phone unsubsidized and get unlimited. If he's on contract, he's out of luck, unless he calls the company and asks for the retention expert and tells them he's ready to leave over the bandwidth caps.