How can I boost the 4G signal I'm receiving for live video streaming?

Episode 960 (2:22:12)

JR from Rancho Cucamonga

Jay is trying to do some live video streaming with a limited signal 4G using the Livestream Broadcaster, and is wondering if a signal amplifier would help. Leo says not really. He needs high speed signal in the area. Leo used to use the Live U backpack that used 8 different cards to bond together and get a better signal by marrying multiple signals, but it wasn't cheap.

We're in the early days of live internet broadcasting and we're working on the cheap, without millions in satellite trucks. Streaming high quality bandwidth isn't easy or cheap. He can mess with the quality to lower it, but at the end of the day, if he can't do it live, he can't do it live. Maybe he could look into connecting to nearby WiFi.

JR's podcast is called KartRacerTV.