How can I add video to a podcast?

Episode 960 (1:15:57)

Laura from West Hills, CA

Leo says Laura needs a camera that accepts external audio like the Canon Vixia. She can then plug the mic in. If Laura needs wireless, then the price goes up, and cheap wireless is a bad idea. Leo uses Lectrosonics for wireless microphones. They're very pricey ($1000 per mic), plus the receivers, plus the mics.

One way around this cost is to avoid wireless altogether and use a boom mic. She'll need to add someone to her crew, but that's OK if it's a friend or volunteer (like Laura's husband). She'll also need a shotgun mic with a "dead cat" that cuts wind noise. She can build one really cheap using this website - The Frugal Filmmaker. To try it out, she can go to and rent a mic and boom pole. They're about $20 a day.

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