Should I wait for a 4K TV?

Episode 959 (43:16)

Roger from Alameda, CA
Sharp TV

First, Roger wants to know if Leo's Sonos Playbar has a subwoofer and is self contained. Leo says it is, but it has no subwoofer. But he really doens't need one. Could it drive a wireless subwoofer? Leo says Sonos sells a separate subwoofer and its likely that it does is wireless, but it's so new, it may be an untested commodity.

Next, he wants to know if Leo's seen the Sharp Elite TV for 2013, and if it's better than the 2012 edition. Scott says that Sharp didn't have any 2013 Elite versions and that sparked rumors that it may be discontinued. Scott has found out that Sharp is working on a 4K Elite, and it wasn't ready for prime time to make CES. So it may be out in time for CIDIA in September. Should he buy a 2012 version? Scott says sure, if he can afford it.

Roger also wants to know if there's a mount that can hold the TV and the Soundbar all in one. Scott says that's likely and Leo says that Sonos has one that mounts the soundbar separately. Scott says there has to be one out there.