Scott Wilkinson

Episode 959 (26:21)

Questions - Jim bought a SONY TV and thinks the sound is really bad from the speakers. He tried to hook it up to his stereo, but now he has to use two remotes to control volume/mute levels. Leo says one way to solve that issue is to use the headphone jack. Scott says that headphone jacks are disappearing. Scott says that most TVs have an analog out, but it doesn't respond to the remote control (which is stupid).

Scott thinks that the solution is a sound bar. Leo agrees and just bought a Sonos Playbar SoundBar for that reason. It's hooked up by HDMI and can be controlled by the TV remote. Scott says that's a good, but expensive option. Vizio makes a good one for about half the price. Yamaha's YAS-101 is another really good option, and it can learn the volume commands from the TV remote so it can be adjusted. But the soundbars need to be self powered for it to really work well. Avoid passive ones.

Monday on HTG, Scott's guests are Jim Venable and Alan Ruper from the WIreless Speaker and Audio Association, who will be talking about a new standard for wireless audio.