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Watch Paul from San Diego, CA Comments

Paul is looking for software to allow him to backup each version of what he's working on. Leo says that's called "versioning." Windows 7 has versioning, called "Shadow Copy." He can enable it in his settings, inside System Properties Control Panel. He should look for a System Protection Tab, and enable Shadow Copy. It'll copy to a portion to the local hard drive that he can then backup.

There are several third party programs that can also accomplish this:

Here's a list of the top 5 best free windows backup programs.

Watch Patricia from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Patricia's boss has put in a code requirement so they can track what is being printed. It's corrupted the drivers, though, and the ones they've provided don't work on the Mac. Leo suggests trying Google Cloud Print. This will allows her to print via the internet to any printer.

The Chatroom has found a fix from Worchester Polytechnic Institute that will allow Patricia to print from her Mac.

Watch Roger from Alameda, CA Comments

First, Roger wants to know if Leo's Sonos Playbar has a subwoofer and is self contained. Leo says it is, but it has no subwoofer. But he really doens't need one. Could it drive a wireless subwoofer? Leo says Sonos sells a separate subwoofer and its likely that it does is wireless, but it's so new, it may be an untested commodity.

Next, he wants to know if Leo's seen the Sharp Elite TV for 2013, and if it's better than the 2012 edition. Scott says that Sharp didn't have any 2013 Elite versions and that sparked rumors that it may be discontinued. Scott has found out that Sharp is working on a 4K Elite, and it wasn't ready for prime time to make CES. So it may be out in time for CIDIA in September. Should he buy a 2012 version? Scott says sure, if he can afford it.

Roger also wants to know if there's a mount that can hold the TV and the Soundbar all in one. Scott says that's likely and Leo says that Sonos has one that mounts the soundbar separately. Scott says there has to be one out there.

Watch Ed from Upstate New York Comments

He can, and it would be much better than the speakers in the TV. Leo says generally, it's better to run it through an AV receiver for balance and surround options. But Leo says that stereo is just fine for most.

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Watch Ethan from Temecula, CA Comments

Leo says he's not really a fan of how much "trialware" they put on their computers. Also, HP can't make up their minds whether they want to be in the PC business or not, and that's not really a confidence builder.

However, the real reason is that in general, HP hardware tends to be problematic and Leo's experience has been less than positive. HP's support is an unknown factor as well. So all those issues tend to cause Leo to look towards other options like Dell, Lenovo and Asus. However, if he chooses to buy the higher end business models, Leo thinks that would be a different story.

Watch Andy from Columbus, OH Comments

Andy is looking at getting a Craig Android Tablet, because it's pretty cheap. Leo says that everyone is making an Android tablet these days because Google gives away Android for free. Andy wants to know if he'll be able to print with it.

Leo says Andy could print via the Google Cloud Print option, but it's unlikely to be able to print directly via USB or direct connection. Andy would have to print via the network. He could potentially use Bluetooth if the printer supports it. Photos can be printed directly via the on board card slot. If the tablet has an SD card slot, that may be an option.

Watch David from Toronto, Canda Comments

Leo says that if he can record each mic in a separate channel, he can probably fix it in post. He could just use a stereo microphone and put that in between him and the cohost. Or he could use a standalone device like the Zoom H4, which has a pair of directional mics that can record really well.

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Watch John from Downey, CA Comments

John's computer is booting up in Safe Mode. Leo says it's likely a driver issue which is causing Windows to boot up in the most basic configuration possible. It's probably either a corrupted or wrong driver for the monitor. Leo advises going into device manager and deleting the monitor and video card (making a note of what kind of card he has) and then rebooting so Windows can acquire the right drivers. Do *not* delete the VGA driver!

Watch Mark from Anaheim, CA Comments

Mark recently upgraded to a Samsung 42" TV that he wants to connect to his old VCR. He's connected it, but it looks terrible. Leo says that's because the VCR is inferior in quality and it's a lot more obvious with an HDTV. There are VCRs that have built-in DVD recorders. They may have digital out options. Leo recommends, but the future isn't bright for finding one.

PadreSJ found one on Amazon by Samsung. He should make sure it has the right specs.

Watch Corina from California Comments

Corina wants to get a mobile device that she can stream video to watch. How much bandwidth should she get for a 3G tablet? Leo says that 8GB is usually fine, but if she's going to stream video from it, it's better to stream via WiFi and not 3G. Video takes up a lot bandwidth and she can burn through 1GB an hour watching it. Most portable devices have a memory for WiFi that it's near, and will automatically join a hotspot.

Watch Rudy from San Diego, CA Comments

Rudy would like to print via Bluetooth using an HP printer with a bluetooth card. Leo says that if the printer supports bluetooth, that's probably the way to go. But when Rudy tries to install the printer via bluetooth, He can't see it. Leo says to try putting the printer into discovery mode so he can pair it.

HP has a technote on how to do it.

Watch Ronnie from Anchorage, AL Comments

Ronnie has a PS3 and an XBox connected via a switch to the TV via a Trendnet Ethernet Bridge. Leo says that the PS3 has WiFi built in, which means switching isn't really necessary. But Ronnie says his WiFi switcher works better with multiple devices, but it keeps losing it's configuration. Leo says that assigning static addresses is an option, but it's dangerous to do that from a security standpoint. The chatroom says that using a third party bridge router is probably the issue. It's best to use the same brand when dealing with WiFi bridges.

Watch Chris from Virginia Comments

Chris is a gamer and his laptop computer is shutting down after awhile. Leo says that's likely an overheating problem, which is causing the computer to shut down to protect it. The best thing to do is to make sure the laptop has proper airflow, or maybe have a fan underneath it. He could send it to a technician to clean it out as well.