What's the best computer for a start up business?

Episode 958 (2:34:35)

Carlene from La Habra, CA
Dell XPS One

Carlene has started a business with a website and she wants to upgrade her computer. Should she get a Windows 7 computer or Windows 8? Leo says that Windows 8 is a radical departure that would take getting used to. But either platform would do. Don't fear Windows 8. Even though it's different, it will be the norm moving forward. She can get a great deal at a big box store. Leo says don't go cheap for a business computer, and a cheaper computer won't have a touch screen. Big Box stores don't usually sell the best computers, they sell the ones the manufacturers want to blow out. He says a Dell XPS One would be a great option for Carlene. Leo also recommends buying the Gold Support package.