Should I switch to an Android phone?

Episode 958 (1:46:30)

Greg from Mission Viejo, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note II

Greg wishes that Apple would've gone with a larger screen and he's now thinking of getting rid of his iPhone in favor of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy SIV. Leo says that it probably won't be out until April at the earliest - it hasn't even been announced yet (March 15). Another option is the HTC One.

What about making the transition? Are there apps for podcasting? Leo says that there are great third party apps for podcasting - including DoggCatcher (Android) and InstaCast (iPhone). The chatroom recommends PocketCast (Android), Downcast (iOS).

Apps for Music? Leo says it's key to make sure that none of his iTunes music is copy protected. He recommends spending the $25 for iTunes Match and getting music that's free of DRM. Then he can move onto a great app called DoubleTwist, which will work just like iTunes and sync - even over the air. Then he can just buy his music and movies from Google Play or Amazon.

Google+ will also automatically copy his pictures for him. There's also DropBox and Evernote that work on both platforms.