How can I access a webcam online?

Episode 958 (33:07)

Walt from San Diego, CA
Foscam Security Camera

Walt bought a Foscam security camera that he wants to access online. Leo says that Foscam has a built in web server, so he can navigate to it online. It's inside his personal network, though. His choices are to DMZ (or port forward) the Foscam which would open up a port for the Foscam to be accessed. The downside is that TimeWarner may change the personal and public address from time to time. That's where noISP comes in.

Another option is DynDNS. In fact, it may already be built into his router. He can't get into it to see it though, it's blocked. Leo says that's by design. That's why he needs to open up a port to allow incoming traffic to access it. He hopes it's password protected too.

He can find his IP by typing into Google: "what is my IP address." Then, when he types that in to his browser, add "8090" to it. Then, if he's set up his Foscam correctly, it should route right to it.