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Episode 958 March 3, 2013

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Judy from California Comments

Judy bought a Windows 8 computer recently, and is having problems with it. Leo says to try and do a system restore - but make sure to backup the data so it isn't lost. If the problems go away after she does, then it was a software issue. If the hard drive continues to crash, then there's a hardware issue and it needs to be returned. As for the hard drive structure getting messed up, it could be a failing hard drive, which can happen at an early stage. She should take it back and ask for a replacement as Leo doesn't think this sounds like something she could have done to cause it.

Watch Walt from San Diego, CA Comments

Walt bought a Foscam security camera that he wants to access online. Leo says that Foscam has a built in web server, so he can navigate to it online. It's inside his personal network, though. His choices are to DMZ (or port forward) the Foscam which would open up a port for the Foscam to be accessed. The downside is that TimeWarner may change the personal and public address from time to time. That's where noISP comes in.

Another option is DynDNS. In fact, it may already be built into his router. He can't get into it to see it though, it's blocked. Leo says that's by design. That's why he needs to open up a port to allow incoming traffic to access it. He hopes it's password protected too.

He can find his IP by typing into Google: "what is my IP address." Then, when he types that in to his browser, add "8090" to it. Then, if he's set up his Foscam correctly, it should route right to it.

Watch Richard from Rhode Island Comments

Richard is blind and wants a smartphone, and is wondering whether to go Android or iPhone. Leo says that several of his blind listeners say that there is no better smartphone than the iPhone for accessibility. Most carriers will have the iPhone 3GS for free, the iPhone 4 and 4S for around $50, and the latest and greatest for about $199 with a two year contract.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Evan from Long Island, NY Comments

It comes with 8GB, and Leo got that one. There's very little he could do on a computer where he'd see a difference in performance going from 8GB to 16GB. Going from 4GB to 8GB is significant, but the improvements are less noticeable after 8GB.

The one negative that people talk about a lot, is that the display is pushing so many pixels, that there is occasional lag. Particularly when swiping from one desktop to another. It's using the built-in Intel graphics on the base model. They have upgraded the graphics on the newer higher end model, but it's considerably more expensive. Leo hasn't noticed a problem with the base model though, this is just what other people have said. He should really go to an Apple store and try loading full screen apps, and swipe between those to see if that lag bothers him.

Watch Kevin from Philadephia, PA Comments

Kevin bought a new Windows computer with a Blu-ray drive and he needs a player software. Leo advises Cyberlink PowerDVD, or WinDVD.

He's wondering if there's a way to play Blu-rays with VLC? If he can, then it's free. There's a good chance it's breaking the law to do so, though, so Leo recommends getting one of the paid programs and doing it right.

Watch Lance from Springfield, MA Comments

Leo says that mobile devices remember WiFi networks, but he can go into the settings and disable the option to join a network automatically. That's what causes it to remember them. Leo also recommends using the Windows WiFi tool and not the one that came with his computer. It should be under the 'Network and Sharing Center'.

Watch Ruth from Anaheim, CA Comments

Leo says all models he's seen haven't been any good. They don't work like a phone. It doesn't work like he wants it to. It just tells him that his phone is ringing and shows him text messages. It's an expensive waste of money at this point. Leo also says that there isn't really a market for this (or Google's Glass) yet, but companies have decided there will be demand sometime. Even Apple is rumored to be getting into the smartwatch game. Leo says to wait awhile and see where things go.

Watch Sam from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Leo says no, it's fine. Unless he has Microsoft Security Essentials, then he should uninstall that first. Competing AVS software don't play well together. (Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor).

Watch Sam from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Leo says that the chatroom is indicating that there are bugs with the Chrome version of Flash. He advises installing the standalone version of Adobe Flash to have the latest version. Also, update to the latest version of Chrome.

Watch Greg from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Greg wishes that Apple would've gone with a larger screen and he's now thinking of getting rid of his iPhone in favor of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy SIV. Leo says that it probably won't be out until April at the earliest - it hasn't even been announced yet (March 15). Another option is the HTC One.

What about making the transition? Are there apps for podcasting? Leo says that there are great third party apps for podcasting - including DoggCatcher (Android) and InstaCast (iPhone). The chatroom recommends PocketCast (Android), Downcast (iOS).

Apps for Music? Leo says it's key to make sure that none of his iTunes music is copy protected. He recommends spending the $25 for iTunes Match and getting music that's free of DRM. Then he can move onto a great app called DoubleTwist, which will work just like iTunes and sync - even over the air. Then he can just buy his music and movies from Google Play or Amazon.

Google+ will also automatically copy his pictures for him. There's also DropBox and Evernote that work on both platforms.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch John from Temecula, CA Comments

John is a photographer for a local high school and he shoots images. He needs to organize both stills and videos and get them up to the cloud. Leo says that putting video up to the cloud just isn't practical. He'd need what Leo calls "more bandwidth than God" to upload video. Upload speeds are just too slow. According to Wolfram Alpha, at 50mbps (which is high), it would take almost two days to upload 1TB of data if nothing else was being done. Slower connections could take up to 61 days for 1TB! Rely on backup hard drives that he can take off site. It's far cheaper as well.

What's the best organizer videos? Chad Johnson of TWiT just advises uploading to YouTube or Vimeo and letting them catelogue them.

Watch John from Pittsburgh, CA Comments

John has a disabled and inactive YouTube account. He can't get it back up and running and contacting Google is no help. Leo says there's no magic with Google. They want him to tie in all his accounts under a gmail account and if it's inactive, he just needs to talk to them to get it back up. The easiest thing would be to start over, though.

Watch Arthur from San Diego, CA Comments

Arthur had some pictures that he uploaded to his yahoo mail account. When he tried to download them, they say they aren't there! Leo says that using email as a backup isn't really the best of things. He should look into Carbonite.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor).

Watch Carlene from La Habra, CA Comments

Carlene has started a business with a website and she wants to upgrade her computer. Should she get a Windows 7 computer or Windows 8? Leo says that Windows 8 is a radical departure that would take getting used to. But either platform would do. Don't fear Windows 8. Even though it's different, it will be the norm moving forward. She can get a great deal at a big box store. Leo says don't go cheap for a business computer, and a cheaper computer won't have a touch screen. Big Box stores don't usually sell the best computers, they sell the ones the manufacturers want to blow out. He says a Dell XPS One would be a great option for Carlene. Leo also recommends buying the Gold Support package.

Watch David from Las Vegas, NV Comments

David is buying an Epson Workforce printer and wants to know if the Best Buy Tech Support offer is a good deal? Because he's thinking of buying that or Epson. Leo says to go local, that way if something goes wrong, he can just bring it in, rather than ship it.