Scott Wilkinson

Episode 957 (27:32)

Scott has a better answer for the question last week about component and HD. Usually if you run HDMI in and component out, you end up with just SD. But there's also the HD Fury Switcher, which takes HDMI In and sends out component HD.

Also, from Bob, the question is does an LCD TV need to be "run in" with 100 hours of constant play. Scott says no. Plasma does, if you want to properly calibrate it. But with LCD, you can calibrate it right away.

From Todd: He has an I1 Colorimeter that he wants to use to calibrate his TV, but he doesn't know how. Scott says if you aren't trained, you could actually make things worse. He recommends a website called The Laser Video Experience/TLVEXP.Net. He has video tutorials that teach you how to calibrate your TV just like the pros.