Can I get Flash on my Nexus 7 tablet?

Episode 956 (1:18:41)

Fred from California

Fred got a Google Nexus 7 tablet over Christmas and he's not really that much of a fan. He's frustrated because sites that he visits that run flash don't work. Leo says no tablet handles a flash website very well, which is why websites need to be conscious of the mobile world and dump flash. It's antiquated, has security issues, and way too processor heavy for any tablet to handle. There are some ways to get flash on the tablet, but he won't like the results. If a site is ignoring mobile users, it's on them, not on the user. Flash is so bad, that even Adobe themselves have dropped it for mobile devices.

Fred is wondering why YouTube works though. Leo says that's because YouTube uses HTML 5 for mobile devices and is transitioning all their videos to it. Sites also want users to download their apps from the Google Play store and get their content that way. It's another hoop to jump through, but that's it.