Scott Wilkinson

Episode 955 (28:08)

Scott has become the new editor of AVS Forum. AVSForum is expanding beyond forum posts into posted content and Scott will be in charge of all articles pertaining to home theater. He's also going to be doing reviews and summaries of the best reviewed products.

This week's question is from Bob, who has a Samsung WiFi BluRay player with HDMI, but his receiver doesn't have HDMI. How can he hook it up? Scott says it's really easy if he uses the digital audio connection (tosslink) or coaxial. The bigger issue is video. If he wants to watch Blu-ray, he'll have to connect to component, in this regard, and that won't carry HD. HD can only be carried via HDMI.

Leo says that's due to the paranoia of the entertainment industry who pushed HDCP copy protection onto us, and everything must be HDCP compliant in the chain.