Dick DeBartolo

Episode 955 (2:32:00)

Satechi's Smart LED Desk Lamp is a touch sensitive reading lamp that offers various modes of light intensity depending on what you're wanting:

Reading Mode – Stimulates concentration and reduces eye strain with mid-range color temperatures (4300K-5300K)
Study Mode – Increases attention and concentration with high-range color temperatures (6000K-7000K)
Relaxation Mode – Promotes relaxation along with improved mood with low-range color temperatures (2500K-3300K)
Bedtime Mode – Encourages deep sleep with a comfortable soft light (2500K-3300K)

Auto shutoff after an hour. LED lifespan of 40,000+ hours. 5V Smartphone charging port. Comes in Black or White. Introductory price is $99.99 at Satechi.net and at Amazon.com There’s no mention of the price going to the suggested $150 retail.