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Watch Dan from Pasadena,CA Comments

Dan got a new 802.11n router and when they stream Netflix at night, nobody else can use the internet because it gets too slow. Leo says this is because of his bandwidth. Netflix uses a ton of bandwidth, and after 6pm, over 40% of all internet traffic is Netflix. Dan could use a hard wired connection from the router to his PlayStation, but he only has so much bandwidth. He could pay to get more, but Netflix may just increase the picture quality if it gets more bandwidth and he'd be back to square 1.

That chatroom says this article by eHow can help him improve his quality of service, which gamers use to improve their performance.

Watch Kevin from Oregon Comments

Leo says that there's an app for that. The DirecTV app for iPhone and iPad would allow him to turn his iPhone and iPad into a mobile TV. He could log in and watch, record to his DVR, etc. It's limited right now on what people can watch, but it can be a solution.

Another solution is the SlingBox, which would enable him to watch anything from any internet connection, and they have an app as well ($29). He can watch content from his DVR, too.

Watch Jose from California Comments

Leo says to first make sure all the filters are installed. If that isn't the issue, then it may be the wiring in the house. The lines could have noise. The phone companies hate DSL Extreme because they are forced to work with them. So they'll likely blame DSL Extreme, even if it's actually the phone company's fault. If it's anything outside the house, it's AT&Ts problem and by law, they have to fix it.

There's an outside box that he could connect to. He can try getting a splitter from the box outside, then plug one end into the DSL modem, the other side into a DSL filter and then into a phone. The quality of the voice calls should be 100%. If it's not good there, then the problem is AT&T's. If it sounds good there, then it's the wiring inside the house.

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Watch Cornelius from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo says that AirDroid is a great app that would allow him to do that. He can get it on both the tablet and his desktop, and move files around from there. Another option is DropBox, Google Drive, or one of the other cloud storage solutions.

Watch Dan from Dothan, AL Comments

It's a good idea to get a large microSD card for larger files. Then he can use to get the files on his phone. Leo also recommends getting an additional battery, since the Note II allows him to switch out the battery.

There are over 250,000 apps in the Google Play store, but here are some essentials:

  • DropBox
  • Mentioned above, DropBox can also handle reading PDF documents with its built-in reader.

  • Astro
  • This is a great file management app.

  • Google Voice
  • This is excellent for handling phone calls, texts and voicemail.

  • Amazon MP3, and Google Play
  • These are both great music apps.

  • Kindle
  • Great book reading app.

  • MyScript Calculator
  • This is a calculator that recognizes your handwriting.

Leo also likes to root his phone and install a different app launcher, such as Nova.

He's also wondering if he can he control his Samsung TV from his phone now. Leo says he isn't sure exactly, but a lot of companies are doing that for stereos, and all kinds of gadgets. So there may be.

Watch Mike from California Comments

Leo says it isn't a problem with the cards, it's an autorun program on the SD card that is running that prevents it. He can remove the programs by formatting them (using a camera is great for that). Leo says to buy cards that are made for photography. They come with no additional autorun software.

If that card has U3 on it, he has to go to the manufacturer's site and get the U3 removal tool. He can get Sandisk's U3 removal tool here. U3 is a security risk, and Leo recommends removing it on anything it may come installed on.

Watch Scott from Minnesota Comments

First of all, Leo says he prefers gaming with a desktop that he can put an actual card in. There's sacrifices that are made with a laptop. Since Scott is on the road a lot, a laptop is necessary though.

Leo says that video RAM is used for textures, so games like flight sims or shooters that require real-time graphics require higher end graphics chips. The more memory he gets, the more elaborate textures he can have. Frame rate and responsiveness is the key, though. A faster card with less memory would probably be better for him for the better frame rate. He can compare reviews at AnandTech and PC Perspectives and they'll give him a hint of what's best.

Watch Barbara from New Jersey Comments

Barbara was upgrading the RAM on her computer and she discovered her heat sync has loosened on the processor. She knows she needs to reattach it with that heat sync glue that has to be in between it. Leo says to be sure she only uses a drop of that stuff. As for the clip, if it's lose or comes apart, it may need to be soldered back into place. She should be careful to not get solder anywhere else but where she wants it soldered. Solder isn't really strong enough to hold down a clip, though. Since her PC is 8 years old, it may be time to just upgrade.

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Watch Tim from New Hampshire Comments

Tim would like to record audio books for his niece and nephew to help them learn to read. Leo says it's perfectly legal to do this. Fair use allows him to do that. Research shows that audio books are a great way to get kids to read. So Leo says it's a cool gesture that needs to happen. He also wants to know if there's a place on line to get old time radio scripts. The Chatroom has come up with these options:

Watch Sean from Ohio Comments

Sean is interested in Leo's Ring Central Sound Point SIP IP670Sip phone. Leo says it's a fantastic phone and Ring Central is a great service for VOIP PBX service. If he wants to go open source, Leo says that Asterix is very powerful, open source, PBX software that will enable him to use landlines and cellphones to manage his own PBX phone system.

Watch Mike from Palm Desert, CA Comments

Mike has an older Sony Vaio and he changed out the hard drives. He keeps getting RAID Errors, and he doesn't even use a RAID at all. Leo says that's clearly an error as the BIOS may believe that the desktop is working as a RAID. Leo recommends going into the BIOS to make sure the disc interface isn't set to RAID. If it is, the errors will occur. Look for AHCI (advanced host controller interface). That's the mode he'll want to be in.

The chatroom says that Sony VAIOs are set to RAID by default. This article on HowToGeek explains how to fix that.

Watch Tim from Wisconsin Comments

Leo says as long as he has the license key, he can just reinstall it. He should look for a partition on the hard drive which may have the Windows 7 restore partition. Ideally, though, he should get a Windows 7 upgrade disc and start from scratch. The chatroom has come through again with this article on how to download an official ISO of Windows 7.

Watch Hank from Pennsylvania Comments

Hank is a photographer and he was locked out of his Facebook account for posting images he shot at an airshow. Leo says that it may be there was a copyright complaint and Facebook erred on the side of caution. He advises to appeal the Facebook decision. This is one of the reasons why professionals should have a personal webpage to post everything on, and just use social media for marketing purposes. He should always drive traffic to his own portals, that way he's not reliant on Facebook.