How can I improve my marketing as a personal trainer?

Episode 954 (1:18:07)

Deven from Hemitt, CA

Devin is a fitness trainer and wants to improve his marketing presence by doing videos, social media, etc. Leo says that having Facebook accounts are a good idea, but he doesn't own it, so he should always have a separate website. He should also have content that's useful to his clients. Shooting video at expos, posting on youtube, and embedding them to his website is a good idea, too.

Rather than using a tablet, he should really use a smartphone like an iPhone or Android phone. They have great video capability and portability is also a plus. In fact, the cameras in a smartphone are likely better than on a tablet. Both tablets and smartphones have great apps for what Devin does.

Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube are all available on smartphones and make great marketing tools.