Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 951 (1:26:37)

Johny made it back to Southern California, and made it back from the East Coast before the blizzard hit. He says that all the major east coast airports are closed at the moment. If you're traveling, follow @FltAdvisor on Twitter.

Leo wanted to share his Super Bowl experience and frankly, he thinks he got ripped off. The packagers buy out all the hotels and so he had to go with a packager who gouged them severely. He wishes he had gone with AirBnB or rented an apartment like Johnny recommended. Or

Johnny found a secret tip to find lower airfares. The key is to delete your cache and all cookies. American Airlines will let you keep your reservation for 24 hours without buying. So he made a reservation, and then the next day checked back and the fare was $200 more. He deleted his cache, and the price went down. So, it pays to clear your cache and cookies.