How can I fix my DVD recorder?

Episode 951 (18:49)

Morgan from Southern California
Panasonic VHS/DVD Recorder

Morgan has a Panasonic VHS / DVD recorder and she's trying to record TV sequentially on her DVD. She gets error messages, though. Leo says that the recorder could be finalizing the DVD as it stops recording. It could also be the media discs that Morgan is using. They could be cheap or defective. There are companies online that sell DVD sampler packs. She can also try DVD-RW discs. Morgan is having trouble with both formats, however.

That leaves Leo to believe that there's a hardware issue. James from the chatroom suggests getting the latest firmware. RustyBones in the chatroom suggests Verbatim discs. John in the chatroom suggests going into the menu setup and make sure she's using the proper media settings too.