Is there a HIPPA compliant way to video chat?

Episode 950 (14:21)

Enrique from Downey, CA

Enrique handles health care at work and would like to be able to do therapy sessions through video chat. He says that HIPPA frowns upon using Skype for this. Leo says that Skype is well known as a secure system, so it'd be strange if it wasn't compliant. Leo suspects that it is, and he should look into that further. Sadly, because Microsoft has bought Skype, it's believed they've put a back door into Skype for government.

If they don't have a computer, Leo says that a Teradeck is a viable option because it'll stream the video without a computer. Unfortunately, Teradeck doesn't work with two way communication due to encryption and latency, which is why Skype is still probably the best option.