RUMOR: New Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Windows Phone

Episode 950 (46:14)

There are some rumors about when the next Samsung Galaxy phone will be released, and what it will have in it. It should be released some time in March, and may have a 5" screen which is slightly bigger than the current 4.8" Galaxy S3. Some have said that the S4 will contain an 8-core Xenos processor. It's called an Octa because it has 8, 1.8 ghz CPUs. They say it will be 440 pixels per inch, which is twice the amount of the iPhone. It'd have 2Gb of RAM and a 13 megapixel camera.

The other rumor is that Nokia is going to put their PureView camera on the next Windows Phone. That is a 41 megapixel camera!