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Watch Nick from Northridge, CA Comments

Leo says that Nick could do it by running the Network OS in VirtualBox or VMWare. VMWare has a good pre-packaged network and desktop OS he could run. Leo says that VMWare is an excellent choice. The chatroom says that he can run Windows Server with Virtual Box and it works great.

Watch Enrique from Downey, CA Comments

Enrique handles health care at work and would like to be able to do therapy sessions through video chat. He says that HIPPA frowns upon using Skype for this. Leo says that Skype is well known as a secure system, so it'd be strange if it wasn't compliant. Leo suspects that it is, and he should look into that further. Sadly, because Microsoft has bought Skype, it's believed they've put a back door into Skype for government.

If they don't have a computer, Leo says that a Teradeck is a viable option because it'll stream the video without a computer. Unfortunately, Teradeck doesn't work with two way communication due to encryption and latency, which is why Skype is still probably the best option.

Watch Pat from Anaheim, CA Comments

Pat is using a Dell XPS9000 and he wants to connect it to a 27" Viewsonic monitor. Leo says that it should work, but depends on if the video card supports the resolution on the monitor. He should find out the highest resolution that the video card can support. If the monitor has a higher native resolution than the laptop can support, it won't work very well. If the computer is capable of it, and it's likely that it can, then he should be fine.

Watch Pat from Anaheim, CA Comments

For the webcam, Leo suggests the Logitech 920.

As far as the sound bar goes, Leo isn't a big fan of them, and regular computer speakers would probably be sufficient for his needs. If he does want to get a sound bar though, Altec Lansing makes a sound bar for computers.

Watch Darryl from Silverado, CA Comments

Daryl has DirecTV and he used to be able to record things via a DVD recorder, but now he's getting errors because of what they claimed was copy protection. Leo says that's a sad addition, and providers are increasingly paranoid about piracy to the point where they consider everyone a pirate.

Leo says he could use the analog hole via the RCA or composite jacks, but if that's not working, it could be the recorder itself. Leo advises going to to get tips and tricks on how to troubleshoot it. He should look for his specific hardware.

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Watch Greg from Pasadena, CA Comments

Leo says that the System II TIVO does need to phone home every once in awhile to validate an active subscription. According to the chatroom, the Sony Tivo Series II was pretty hackable, while the others weren't. Leo advises visiting and the AVS Forum which can help. It's not really that expensive to just subscribe, though.

Watch Rob from Cincinatti, OH Comments

Rob was ripped off at a hotel in Arizona and lost several thousand dollars after thieves hacked the electronic lock to get into his hotel room. Fortunately, he was able to get some of his stuff back when the thieves were arrested. Leo says that's why the hotel safe is the best place.

Watch Steve from Fairlong, NJ Comments

Steve has an old Mac Plus with a SCSI hard drive. Unfortunately, unless it's in original packaging and in mint condition, it's probably not worth much. If it is with all original packaging, it might cost $1,000.

Watch Bill from Virginia Beach, VA Comments

Bill would like to get the Samsung Note 2 from Sprint (because of the unlimited data) and then use a Slingbox with it. He can absolutely do this. He'll just need the Slingbox app, but it'll work great as long as the download speeds are fast enough. He'll really need LTE to do it.

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Watch Aaron B from Mesa, Az Comments

Aaron B bought a blu-ray player for his PC, but he can't watch his blu-ray discs on his computer because of a missing codec. He will need a DVD player utility that will handle blu-rays. VLC player will play it, but he may need to download codecs. Check out Slysoft. POWER DVD by Cyberlink is probably the best one, though.

Watch Rob from Tarzana, CA Comments

Rob has an issue with iTunes for Windows. He's got iTunes Match turned on and iTunes crashes. When he disables it, everything is fine. Leo says that iTunes for Windows has never worked right. Apple just can't get it working reliably on iTunes. Leo says that there are some things to try. Uninstall both iTunes and Quicktime and reboot. Then reinstall them separately - with Quicktime first. Then install iTunes. It's been Leo's experience that cures a lot of what ails iTunes for Windows.

Then, when he runs Match, he should back up his iTunes folder, and then add to library. He should delete his iTunes folders, libraries XML files, and everything but the music. Then re-import and have it rebuild the database.

Watch Walter from Westchester, NY Comments

Leo recommends changing the password right away, then turning on two-step authentication in the security settings of his account. It'll be a pain, since he'll have to use his phone or the Authenticator app to enter the code to get into his account, but it will be much more secure.