Scott Wilkinson and the NAMM Show

Episode 948 (30:30)

Scott is just back from the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show. It's the musicians version of NAB and it was amazing how much great music there was, including an Elton John concert which they streamed live online. Leo says that's the future of public performance. He also saw some great drums, new synthesizers by Moge, and there was a resurgence of vinyl records, although Scott doesn't miss the hassle of cleaning up vinyl records before playing them. He just prefers the comparative low maintenance of digital music. The NAMM show was also celebrating the 30th anniversary of MIDI. It's amazing that consumers and professionals are still using it as a techno standard that's three decades old!

What does Scott think of JJ Abrams signing to direct Star Wars VII? Scott thinks it's a great idea and we may just end up being a darker Star Wars and that could be great. Since eps 1-3 were pretty terrible and far from how great the original trilogy was, getting some new blood is just what the franchise needs.

Monday on HTG ... Johan Allen, Sr. VP at Dolby, who will be taking us through the history of Dolby. 2pm PT Monday. Programming note: Scott will be subbing for Leo next Saturday. So get your home theater questions ready!