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Watch Mark from Westchester, NY Comments

Leo says that it's too risky and not really worth it to dive into trying to get rid of duplicate data. Hard drives are so cheap and large, that it's better to just get another hard drive. Just consider the duplicates as another backup! There is a good search tool called X1 that can search his backups. Variety with backup is a good thing.

The chatroom says he can keep a catalog on his computer that has a database of what he has in offline storage. There are a few apps for this:

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Watch Betty from Vista, CA Comments

Betty had a virtual version of XP running within Windows 7, and suddenly it wouldn't work anymore. Leo says that the file may be corrupted and will need to be rebuilt.

The chatroom points to a tech note on how to repair Windows XP mode in Windows 7.

Here's a technote on restoring XP .bkf files.

It's also possible to mount the Data File in Windows as a virtual hard drive. Look for a VHD file. Right click on it, select "Send To". Mount the VHD. Then she can mount it inside Windows 7 and bypass XP altogether. Then she can try and get her files out from there. Another option is Media Heal.

Watch Robert from Charleston, SC Comments

Office 365 is the online version. There's also Office 2013, which has a subscription version of office. Leo suggests getting the Office 365 Home Premium version. It comes with an hour of free Skype calls a month, and can be installed on up to five computers for $100.

What about updating to Windows 8? Will Microsoft extend the $40 offer to upgrade? Leo thinks so, but there's no guarantees. They will probably take it right up to the 11th hour before they do. According to the WinSupersite, he could buy the electronic upgrade now and just wait to install it. He has until October 2015 to do so.

Watch Tim from Chatanooga, TN Comments

Since these phones are more computers than they are phones, Leo likes having the biggest screen he can get. It's available in black and white, but it's the same phone aside from the colors.

As far as the phone goes, it's pretty much the same thing as the Samsung Galaxy S III, except it has a bigger screen, more memory and faster processor. It also has two radios for cellular and voice so that it allows for talking and surfing at the same time on a CDMA network like Verizon. Apple didn't put this in the iPhone 5 for some reason.

As far as cases go, Leo has a folio style case that has a stand that he found on Amazon. The one he ended up using is the official Samsung case that replaces the battery cover and doesn't add to the bulk of the phone.

Watch Don from Montana Comments

Don gets frustrated with emails that indent previous versions until he can't really read previous conversations. Leo says he can just change his email from "formatted" to "plain text" and that solves the issue. Plain text makes it easier to read anyway.

Watch Shaman from Detroit, MI Comments

Leo says that an OCR (optical character recognition) program with a scanner will work. This will translate the documents into plain text that can be edited on the computer. Here's some OCR software options:

  • Free-OCR
  • This is an online OCR with a limit of 10 pages an hour.

  • OCR-AD
  • This is an open source version. May be a little difficult to use, but it's free.

  • ABYY
  • This has a free 15 day trial.

  • Nuance OmniPage
  • This is probably his best bet, but it'll cost $150. It is on sale right now for $55 at Amazon, though.

Watch Max from Milpitas, CA Comments

Max is on his second Samsung Galaxy Note II. He's been having issues with connecting to WiFi at home. He returned it and the new one solved the issue. Now he needs to update his software, but his Gmail app won't work. The Verizon rep says that the install failed and he has to send the phone back to Verizon to be reinstalled. Max understands but he's frustrated that he got no notification that the install failed. Leo says he can try re-imaging the phone, but it's probably better to let Verizon do it.

Updating a phone's firmware always comes with the risk of bricking the phone. It usually doesn't happen, but it can and there's plenty of Android and iPhone users who have had that experience.

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Watch Dan from Missoula, MT Comments

There are other voice recognition programs available on Android, including Nuance, but noisy conditions will be a challenge no matter what he uses. He could also try using the Google Voice engine. Vlingo, Samsung's voice recognition system, is another option.

He's wondering how he can get his earpiece to work with the voice recognition system that he wants to use, though. Leo says it may be in the settings under the "Launcher". He could even use an alternate launcher. A different bluetooth headset might help too. Leo recommends The Boom.

Watch Mike from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Mike's daughter is heading to Europe for a few weeks and he wants a good phone for her to avoid roaming charges. Leo says that for such a short trip, it's probably easier to just get an International Data Roaming plan from their carrier (in this case, T-Mobile) and bring her phone with her.

The other option is to use an unlocked GSM phone and then buy a temporary SIM card from a local vendor. That would give her a European number. But going to different countries, there isn't a master SIM for all of Europe. So the best bet is to go with the international data roaming plan.

EKIT has a regional SIM for up to 10 countries. They'll want to be sure it works in the country she's going to be in, though. She can also get a data only plan there.

Watch Dawn from Dana Point, CA Comments

Dawn also has a bunch of Office programs and she can't install them. Leo says they're likely OEM versions that can't be installed on another computer. The new Office 2013 is a good option for $100 a year for up to 5PCs. There's also Google Docs, or ZoHo Office. There's a free open source Office suite called Libre Office. The chatroom says that voice dictation is part of Windows 8 natively, and it supports Libre.

While MS Office trial comes with the laptop, it won't let her get that because her son has a trial as well. That could be because of the same IP address.

Watch Adam from Putnam Valley, NY Comments

Adam and his wife have iPhones and iCal doesn't sync with their iPhone calendars. Leo says it may be due to turning off iCloud that prevents it from syncing. Leo avoids the whole problem by using Google as his main calendar option. He syncs Calendar on his Mac with Google via Exchange and it syncs just like it should to his phone. Then he never has to connect his phone to the computer to sync.

Watch Adam from Putnam Valley, NY Comments

Leo says to get iTunes Match for a year and replace all his music with 256kb AAC unprotected music. Then, he can do anything he wants with it. Unfortunately, with digital music, he doesn't actually own those files -- he's merely leasing it for his lifetime. They're licensed to him and him only. Since they are unprotected files, though, he could give them to someone else, but they will have his email address in it since they are licensed to him.

Watch Will from Anaheim, CA Comments

Will has a 3TB hard drive and he wants to transfer his iTunes off his Mac Mini. Leo says he can just drag the iTunes folder to the new hard drive, and then go into settings to tell iTunes the new location of the folder. Then iTunes will just reference the folder in the correct location every time it opens.

Watch Michael from Tejunga, CA Comments

Leo says most of his trouble will be with Windows Genuine Advantage, which will think he's installing it on a new computer. He'll have to call Microsoft and let them know he's changed the motherboard. He should also make sure he gets all the drivers he needs before he installs the new motherboard. Then he will install them immediately after booting into safe mode in Windows.