What's the best video blogging camera?

Episode 947 (1:56:42)

Jonathan from Anaheim, CA
Kodak Playtouch Camera

Jonathan is going to VidCon. He does video game commentary and is looking foward to learning more. Leo says VidCon is a great place to go. He also recommends checking out TWITCH, which offers not only playing, but streaming game play online.

What camera does he need for vlogging at Vidcon? He needs a wireless hookup. Leo says that a wireless microphone solution is more expensive and it's a pain because of interference. Stick with a wired solution for that. Leo says a lot of people just use their smartphones.

Leo recommends getting a BeachTek, which takes a mini jack input and gives it the ability to use professional microphones with XLR connections. As for what camera to use, let's start with the budget. Jonathan is looking to spend about $300.

He can get a Kodak Playtouch camera for under $100 that has a minijack audio input. Another is the Kodak Zi8 (early model). Then he can use the Beachtek to connect a better microphone like the Shure SM58. He could get around his budget with the BeachTek and the Shure SM58 along with the camera.

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