How can I get my analog fax machine to work with VOiP?

Episode 947 (43:21)

Martin from Pennsylvania

On Leo's recommendation, Martin is using RingCentral for business phone services, but he can't get their analog fax machine to work with it. Leo says that fax machines don't work well with VOIP and Leo just uses RingCentral's fax service which routes the faxes to email. Martin's business is a doctor's office and it must be HIPPA compliant, which email won't be. He could try a lower speed, but that probably won't work either. Leo says that a dedicated phone line for faxes is probably the most reliable and secure method for faxes. In the chatroom, use G.7, G.11 or G.29 as the codec. Doctor Mom recommends eFax and Leo thinks that's a good idea, if it's HIPPA compliant.

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