Can I downgrade to Windows 7 on my new computer?

Episode 947 (1:13:44)

Mary from Huntington Beach, CA
Windows 7

Mary bought a new computer with Windows 8 because she couldn't find a new computer with Windows 7. She's having issues with printer errors and her email freezing up. Can she just wipe Windows 8 and install Windows 7? Leo says he gets that question a lot and many people are choosing that option. He's torn on the issue because it's always better to be updated to the recent OS, if possible, and if she can bypass the touch interface, Windows 8 is great. She shouldn't be having basic problems like this, though.

She can downgrade. Leo says it's likely that Mary bought a Windows 7 laptop that came with Windows 8. So as long as she can backup her data, she'll be OK.