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Episode 947 January 26, 2013

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Audience Questions

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Watch Mary from Los Angeles, CA Comments

The iPhone is still a great first smartphone because it has an easier learning curve. The keyboard is a bit smaller, though.

Leo prefers Android because he likes to have a bigger screen, choice of keyboard, and the option to change his battery. These, and other options, the iPhone doesn't offer. Android is a bit advanced for a beginner, but if she wants these options, then it may be the best way to go. Leo recommends going to the Verizon store (since that's her carrier) and trying them. That will help her decide what would be best for her.

Watch Trevor from Washington, DC Comments

Trevor has an older Dell Latitude that he's reinstalled the OS on, bumped up the RAM and installed an SSD drive, but it's still running slow. Leo says that although the drives are fast, the bus may be slower and it's only going to be as fast as the bus itself. Then there's the video card. Trevor is running dual monitors and the video card may not be able to handle the bandwidth. Since it's a laptop, there's really not much he can do about the video card, other than just buy a new laptop.

Check out Trevor's blog called "TV Series Finale."

Watch Martin from Pennsylvania Comments

On Leo's recommendation, Martin is using RingCentral for business phone services, but he can't get their analog fax machine to work with it. Leo says that fax machines don't work well with VOIP and Leo just uses RingCentral's fax service which routes the faxes to email. Martin's business is a doctor's office and it must be HIPPA compliant, which email won't be. He could try a lower speed, but that probably won't work either. Leo says that a dedicated phone line for faxes is probably the most reliable and secure method for faxes. In the chatroom, use G.7, G.11 or G.29 as the codec. Doctor Mom recommends eFax and Leo thinks that's a good idea, if it's HIPPA compliant.

(Disclaimer: RingCentral is a sponsor).

Watch Larry from Denver, CO Comments

Larry is having trouble getting updates on Windows 7. He ran "Fixit" and it says the update database is corrupted. He tried a few other Microsoft solutions, but they haven't helped either. He's stuck and can't get new security updates.

TWiET host, Father Robert Ballecer (PadreSJ), says it's a common problem and could be a broken .NET issue. This article has a fix. There's also a cleanup tool he can download there.

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Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Neil has Windows 8 and is using Storage Spaces with his SSD and hard drive. He's mirroring the data for backup, and is wondering if he still needs an external backup drive. Leo says no, he's already backing up that data with the mirroring option. He can get another backup if he wants, but he should be ok since he's also using Carbonite to backup off site.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor).

Watch Chris from Georgia Comments

Chris has a D-link DNS 320 networked attached storage enclosure (NAS). Leo says that the NAS has built in software that should go out and get the backup. It's one of the greatest things about having a NAS. He doesn't need software on his computers for it. Then he can do cloud backup to Carbonite via the NAS. (Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor).

Watch Mary from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Mary bought a new computer with Windows 8 because she couldn't find a new computer with Windows 7. She's having issues with printer errors and her email freezing up. Can she just wipe Windows 8 and install Windows 7? Leo says he gets that question a lot and many people are choosing that option. He's torn on the issue because it's always better to be updated to the recent OS, if possible, and if she can bypass the touch interface, Windows 8 is great. She shouldn't be having basic problems like this, though.

She can downgrade. Leo says it's likely that Mary bought a Windows 7 laptop that came with Windows 8. So as long as she can backup her data, she'll be OK.

Watch Bill from Tidewater, VA Comments

Bill discovered he could get a broadband chip add on for his Google Nexus 7, but is wondering if it'd be unlocked. Leo says that yes, they are, if he buys it from Google. But if he buys from Verizon or AT&T, they'll lock it and as we found out this morning, it would be illegal to unlock. Because the frequencies of AT&T and Verizon are so different, and T-Mobile isn't LTE, it really won't matter much if it's unlocked.

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Watch Jonathan from Anaheim, CA Comments

Jonathan is going to VidCon. He does video game commentary and is looking foward to learning more. Leo says VidCon is a great place to go. He also recommends checking out TWITCH, which offers not only playing, but streaming game play online.

What camera does he need for vlogging at Vidcon? He needs a wireless hookup. Leo says that a wireless microphone solution is more expensive and it's a pain because of interference. Stick with a wired solution for that. Leo says a lot of people just use their smartphones.

Leo recommends getting a BeachTek, which takes a mini jack input and gives it the ability to use professional microphones with XLR connections. As for what camera to use, let's start with the budget. Jonathan is looking to spend about $300.

He can get a Kodak Playtouch camera for under $100 that has a minijack audio input. Another is the Kodak Zi8 (early model). Then he can use the Beachtek to connect a better microphone like the Shure SM58. He could get around his budget with the BeachTek and the Shure SM58 along with the camera.

Check out AT0MFTW on youtube!

Watch Nathan from Skype Comments

Nathan has a computer that randomly turns on. Leo says that when he first boots up, if he's gone into his BIOS setup and selected "wake on LAN," it'll turn on. There may also be a scheduled turn on in the BIOS or even wake on keyboard or mouse.

Watch Michael from Upland, CA Comments

Michael has a laptop adapter that burned out. He bought a new one online and now there's something wrong with his laptop. Leo says it could be powering on but the LCD screen isn't lighting up. Michael also found out that the voltage doesn't match his original one. Leo says matching voltage is vital to run the laptop, and if it's underpowered, it just won't work. When working with a laptop, it's best to stick with the original laptop manufacturer version, and not a cheap, Chinese knock off.

Watch Joe from Massachusetts Comments

Joe has an old rear projection TV and he can't adjust the blue convergence up and down. Can it be fixed? Leo says probably only professionally and it's probably not worth paying to have it fixed. Time to look at a new TV.