Chris Marquardt and the Holiday Assignment

Episode 946 (1:26:37)

Today is the day we review the Holiday assignment and Chris was blown away by the submissions! The first one is by PBLeak ... great composition, wide angle.

Second is a great Christmas Tree called Christmas 2012 by Miss JGal. It has a kind of HDR feel with detail coming out of the shadows. Note the stars of light, which is caused by closing the aperture down to F22 and you'll see the star shapes appear. Leo says that shape of the star is determined by the camera - Chris says it's the number of aperture blades which cause it. Very nifty effect.

Lastly, USCM1972 has a great effect that's done with flash and a long shutter speed. He then zoomed to cause the light streaks. Pros call it "dragging the shutter."

Great shots everyone! This month's assignment ... RESOLUTION. Take a picture by, about or otherwise concerning the concept of "resolution," then post it on flickr, tagging for "resolution" and the Tech Guy group. If Chris likes it, you may see it on next month's Photo segment!