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Episode 946 January 20, 2013

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Ed from Chino Hills, CA Comments

Ed works for a company who uses Motorola Android phones, and the 80 year old security guard can't use the small keyboard and has not been a computer user at all. He'll need something to check the security cameras if the alarm system goes off. Ed was thinking about possibly getting an iPad Mini.

Leo says that since the images are addressable on the web, a Mini would be a good solution - unless those images are posted in Flash. iOS doesn't support flash natively. If he's used to Android, then the Google Nexus 7 is an option. Any tablet that supports 3G or 4G.

Another option is the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which would also work as a phone for him.

Watch Aaron B from Mesa, Az Comments

Aaron B started off the new year by backing up his data and formatting his hard drive, then reinstalling Windows 7. Leo says a good Spring cleaning is always a great idea. Leo says that Ninite is a great program for deciding which apps to use. He would check which programs he wants to install and it creates it's own installer to put them all on at once. It also has built-in prevention of toolbars.

Does it do drivers? Leo says it doesn't, but that would be a good idea. Then again, when updating Windows, he'd get the latest drivers anyway.

From the Chatroom - Driver Pack Solution is like Ninite for drivers.

Watch Dave from Bronx, NY Comments

Dave is a teacher and uses Final Cut Pro 7 with it's log and transfer utility teaching video editing. Ever since he upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion, that function has been broken by Apple.

Leo says that there are some great Final Cut User Groups on Apple's site. Leo suggests FCPUGnet. Many have left Final Cut for Avid and Adobe Premiere because they feel that Apple has abandoned the professional editor. He thinks that Apple is making so much money on iOS, they just don't need to devote too many resources to the professional market.

The other option is Final Cut Pro X. Easier to learn on and will eventually get all the features. At least in theory.

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Watch Andrew from Salinas, CA Comments

Andrew would like a more efficient way to search his desktop and his NAS. Leo says that X1 is his current favorite. It indexes everything, populates after only a few letters, and will search more than just NAS. It's $50, and has a free trial. Another, free, option is Google Desktop Search.

Watch Phillip from Riverside, CA Comments

Leo says that if McAfee has told Phillip there's an intruder, it's probably a false positive. Leo doesn't recommend McAfee because it's just a step below a virus itself. The Chatroom says there's a forum post on McAfee on this issue and it shows it's likely bogus.

Leo suggests password protecting that router to prevent someone from getting on his WiFi without his knowledge or permission. Use WPA2 encryption. Leo predicts once Phillip has done this, he'll never see the "intruder" again. If it's an ISP router, Phillip will need to call them to find out how to secure it.

Watch Zach from Anendale, KS Comments

Autorun software on the USB key may be the culprit. There was a virus that got transmitted via USB keys running autorun, and if Zach's USB key has autorun, it may be wreaking havoc with his Internet connection.

It could also be that the USB driver is corrupted and it could be affecting the network stack. If it's powered and drawing current from the system, his power supply may not be powerful enough to handle it. Try using a USB connection that doesn't draw power and see if there's still a problem. There could also be a motherboard issue at work.

Watch Ron from Ontario Comments

This "flash" is a lightning strike effect, and one that was done on purpose. Leo says Ron should know Leo's on to him and his blatant attempt at a plug. Well done, Ron, you got one in!

Watch Kathy from San Fernando, CA Comments

Cathy would like to get a Samsung Galaxy Note II, but a website she uses must be accessed through Internet Explorer 7. Leo says that's stupid and he hates when a restriction like that is put in place.

She could try a Windows Phone, but there's no guarantee it'll work. If it does, the Nokia Lumia 920 is fantastic. There's also the HTC 8X.

She could install GoToMyPC's app and then use remote access software on her desktop to access IE7 for a site. It also works in accessing a site running Flash. The good news is, Good for Enterprise, the software she needs, is available for Windows Phone!

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Anna from Sourthern California Comments

Anna wants to make a copy of her trust documents, but she's concerned that after hearing about a flaw in a fax copier that stored document images. Leo says that flaw has since been fixed, but it doesn't hurt to ask Fedex/Kinko's just in case. Conventional copiers don't do that.

Watch Rick from Gorilla Suit Comments

Rick got a Roku Box and he doesn't get YouTube. Leo says he can check and see if there's one. Aside from that, according to the chatroom, he can put Plex on his Roku and get YouTube off that.

Watch Chris from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Chris is trying to transfer almost 2TB of information from one drive to another, but it just shuts down. Leo says it's likely that the file sizes are just too big for Windows to handle. He has to be sure he's using NTFS. FAT32 has a limit of 2-4GB.

If he's using NTFS, he'll need to use a better copy program like FastCopy or TeraCopy. The chatroom likes RoboCopy, which he can access from the command line in Windows, as well as GoodSync. All these are better than the conventional Windows copy utility. He should also be careful about file corruption.

Watch Peter from California Comments

Peter uses Google Hangouts as an ad-free alternative to UStream. His problem is that the link keeps changing so he can't just embed the same link onto a website. Leo says that's by design because each episode is saved to YouTube. He could post the channel and the latest video saved would show up. Outside of that, he may just have to re-edit the page every time.

The chatroom suggested a little work around from It involves using Google+ Events, and creating an event far into the future. The link will stay the same until after the event has expired, allowing use of the same Hangouts link.

Watch Brandon from Big Sky, Montana Comments

Brandon is traveling to Europe for a month and wants to bring his Samsung Galaxy SIII on Verizon. Leo says it won't work too well because that phone is for CDMA networks, which isn't international. He'll want a GSM phone for that since it uses a SIM card. He could still use his Verizon phone, but he'd be paying international roaming charges which isn't cheap. He should talk to Verizon about an international data plan. He should also check to see if his phone works in the countries he's going to.

He could always use the phone on WiFi only, though. He'd just have to turn off cellular data in his settings.

Watch Delores from Philadelphia, PA Comments

Delores got a used computer and she needs to access the user name and password. Sometimes, an administrator account with no password is left on the PC. So when she boots it up, press the F8 function key and enter the login name - administrator - and hit return. It doesn't work on all computers or operating systems. After XP is when it stopped, but it's worth a try.

Watch Terry from Lake Tahoe Comments

Terry can't remember the password for iHeartRadio. How can she access the file that allows her to remember it? Leo says that Firefox stores saved passwords in clear text, which Leo says is a flaw that's just begging to be exploited. Go into Firefox, Options, Security, Saved Passwords. Show Passwords. She should just hide them after she's done.