What's the best time tracking program for Mountain Lion?

Episode 944 (27:35)

Eric from Van Nuys, CA

Eric has a small business and he needs a time keeping program that will run on Mac. He had a program on OS9 called Time Slips, but it won't work on Mountain Lion. Eric was thinking about just buying a used G5 and runningTimeSlips. Leo says he could do that.

There are plenty of time tracking programs that will work with Mountain Lion, though. The chatroom suggests Daylight. Lifehacker has an article of eight time tracking apps, which includes Freshbooks and Klok. Appstorm.net has another article on this.

Filemaker Pro is a great option if he has time to learn it. It's a great way to create a custom solution. Lynda.com has some great Filemaker tutorials.

Morkaleb in the chatroom says he has had good experience with ClickTime, which is an online solution.