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Episode 944 January 13, 2013

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Audience Questions

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Watch Eric from Van Nuys, CA Comments

Eric has a small business and he needs a time keeping program that will run on Mac. He had a program on OS9 called Time Slips, but it won't work on Mountain Lion. Eric was thinking about just buying a used G5 and runningTimeSlips. Leo says he could do that.

There are plenty of time tracking programs that will work with Mountain Lion, though. The chatroom suggests Daylight. Lifehacker has an article of eight time tracking apps, which includes Freshbooks and Klok. has another article on this.

Filemaker Pro is a great option if he has time to learn it. It's a great way to create a custom solution. has some great Filemaker tutorials.

Morkaleb in the chatroom says he has had good experience with ClickTime, which is an online solution.

Watch Chris from Rhode Island Comments

Chris got an Epson Workforce printer, but the iPrint app for printing from mobile devices does not work with his Android phone. It wants to send it to Google Docs as a PDF, but it won't print. Leo says that's not very helpful, and thinks that Google's CloudPrint may be a good solution.

There may also be something wrong with Chris' setup because several people in the chatroom tried it during the break and iPrint works fine. So there may be something going on with his particular set up, and may want to look into that app or his phone.

Watch Josh from Atlanta, GA Comments

Josh is a photographer and does Instagram Tips on Twitter (@InstaTips). He'd like to start caching websites so that he can browse through them more efficiently. He'd also like to be able to scape images from them when people submit them.

Leo says that it largely depends on the terms of service. Ink361 has a custom, approved API with Instagram that will do it. There are some good "site suckers". There's Site Sucker for OS X, and HTTrack, an open source solution for Windows.

He should be sure he doesn't download these sites too fast or it could be misinterpreted as a denial of service attack. Leo also says the best thing is to contact Ink361 about their API and see if they can provide a solution.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Percy from California Comments

The HapiFork is a fork that vibrates when eating too fast. For more information, go to They're taking preorders, but there's no date on when it'll be available.

Watch Jerry from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

All of these TVs are actually LCDs. LED actually refers to the way some LCD TVs are backlit. Older LCD TVs had fluorescent bulbs backlighting the screen, which gave uneven lighting. A couple of benefits to LED is that the light can be made more pure, they last longer, and it can light the screen more evenly. The newer TVs are LED edge lit now.

Then there are 60hz, 120hz, and 240hz TVs, but Leo doesn't like the "plastic" look of 120 or 240. Besides, broadcast TV is 60hz anyway. So getting a 60hz TV is best in Leo's opinion. It'll be more natural. As far as 3D is concerned, it's a matter of taste. Leo doesn't care for it.

He's also wondering if plasma is passe. Leo says absolutely not! Plasma is the highest quality display he could get and Leo advises the Panasonic Viera VT50. The only downside with plasma is that it uses more power and may have a lot of reflection in a bright room.

Watch Diane from Riverside, CA Comments

Leo says that it's probably a monitor or cable failure. It could also be a bad video subsystem. She can try swapping out cables and monitors to see if the issue goes away. It could be a cheap fix. Given the age of the computer, it's likely a problem with the monitor and a cheap flatscreen will fix the issue.

Watch Diane from Riverside, CA Comments

Leo recommends ARQ. The chatroom says that Mozy works with the G5. She might be able to use CrashPlan.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Michael from Boulder, CO Comments

Android phones backup a lot of stuff automatically through Google. GPlus will also do automatic backups as he takes pictures. He can also use Dropbox with their app.

For backing up other data like apps and settings, Michael will have to root the phone and use Titanium Backup. It's perfectly safe and legal to do this. Rooting the phone will just give him administrator access so he can do a full backup. The chatroom says that ADB Backup does full phone backup. It makes an image of the phone, but doing this is non trivial.

Watch Don from Mojave Valley, AZ Comments

Don has an old laptop and the screen is dimmed down. Leo says he should check his settings, but it's likely that due to the age, the backlight is failing. It probably would be cheaper to just get a new computer. To be sure, he can plug the laptop in to an external monitor. If the image on the external display looks fine, then the laptop screen is just dying.

Watch Manuel from Corona, CA Comments

Manuel has a Lenovo A2109 Tablet and he'd like to hook up a portable hard drive to it. It isn't working because his portable hard drive isn't powered, and the tablet doesn't seem to be giving it enough power to work.

Manuel will need a bus powered cable that has a splitter with two USB ports, one to a computer and one to the tablet. The Lenovo tablet uses a function called USB On The Go which supports that. The chatroom says that another option is a powered USB hub. Plug the portable drive into that, and then plug in the tablet and he'll good to go.

Watch Eric from Torrance, CA Comments

Eric needs a motion sensitive, low cost way to provide security for the building his grandmother lives in.

Leo says that VueZone is a great solution because it's wireless and he can run it off batteries for six months. The way it works is that it only draws power when it senses motion. Then it alerts his smartphone with video.

The chatroom also suggests the Logitech Alert Security Camera System, NetBotz.

Watch Eric from Torrance, CA Comments

Radio Rip for Android will capture online radio streams, but many streaming providers block access to such apps because they would want him to use their app in particular. Leo's show is streamed through Clear Channel's iHeartRadio app. Radio Rip captures mp3 streams, which is not how most commercial radio stations stream. Unfortunately it just isn't compatible with apps like Radio Rip. He could, however, capture TWiT's audio stream at of the radio show instead.

Watch Matthew from Orange County, CA Comments

Matthew bought an Alienware computer and he has issues with video. Leo says that after only six months, there shouldn't be video issues. But the video card looks to be failing and Dell (which owns Alienware) should replace it. There could also be an overheating issue. Either way, Dell should fix it. Check for updated drivers as well, that would be the quick and easy fix.

Watch Fred from New Jersey Comments

Fred imported all the photos from his iPad to his laptop, and now wants to delete the photos from the iPad. Leo says to reconnect it to his laptop, go to the iPad settings of iTunes and uncheck photos. Then resync. It'll delete all the images on the iPad. Make sure to turn off Photostream settings as well. Leo also advises encrypting the photo folder so iTunes can't read it.

Watch Derek from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Derek has a Mac and needs to use Excel, but has been told the Mac version doesn't handle the advanced functions. Leo says that's not true. There's different key strokes, but it's the same functions. If he has Windows, he could run boot camp and use the Windows' version of Excel. That way he doesn't have to relearn the software. The chatroom reminds him that he'll have separate partitions for both operating systems. He can use VMWare, and run Windows inside of the Mac.