Scott Wilkinson, HomeTheaterHiFi

Episode 943 (30:52)

Scott is back from CES where the big news was in HD TVs. There wasn't much discussion about 3D, but Scott doesn't think that means it's dead. There were some demonstrations of glasses-free 3D that was pretty interesting. The bigger story, however, was 4K TV. It was everywhere. There were 4 companies that had screens as big as 110 inches, but it would cost as much as $300,000.

Another big story was OLED, or "Organic Light Emitting Diodes". This allows for much more uniform backlit displays, with an almost infinite contrast ratio with very black blacks and vibrant colors. OLED 4K was almost like looking through a window. Scott was surprised at how much sooner we can expect this to come to fruition, as well, and 4K native content won't be too far behind.

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