Leo Heads to CES, Maybe for the Last Time

Episode 942 (01:17)

After the show today, Leo will be flying to Las Vegas for what may be his last journey to the Consumer Electronics Show. While it's fun to see all the new gadgets, with over 150,000 dealers and press going, Leo says the bloom is definitely off the rose. In today's Internet dominated news cycle, Leo wonders why it's even necessary anymore, except for the social aspects. You'll see a lot of stuff announced at CES that ends up being vaporware since they will never see the light of a showroom floor. Witness the 55" OLED HDTVs, which were announced last year and weren't shipped and may not make it anywhere but Japan this Spring.

Apple and Microsoft have both left CES (this will be the first year that Steve Ballmer won't be delivering the Keynote address). Ford isn't even giving a keynote this year either. So, it's only a matter of time before the main manufacturers will pick up on this trend, save the money, and stay home.

We will see some interesting TV announcements, probably having to do with 4K (4 times the high definition we have today).