What's the best backup solution?

Episode 940 (34:35)

Tony from Los Angeles, CA
Netgear ReadyNAS

Tony works for a security firm and he wants to mirror the data of a hard drive onto a RAID. Leo says the first thing Tony should do is clone the drive since it's a very important drive to his job. Drive's will eventually die, so it's vital for Tony, or anyone for that matter, to clone the drive to back it up. Hard drives usually come with utilities for this purpose. EaseUS has a great imaging utility for that. Once that's done, save the original drive in a safe place and then use the cloned drive moving forward. Then, he can move onto backup solutions like a RAID.

Leo thinks that "RAID 1" (which will write the same data to multiple drives) may not be the ideal solution for Tony. He should get a RAID 5 enclosure (known as Network Attached Storage or RAID 5) that he can insert multiple drives into for backup. If one drive fails, he can replace it and the enclosure will rebuild itself. Leo likes ReadyNAS and Synoloogy.

He wouldn't even really need to create the clone of the drive if he copies the data on the NAS and uploads it to the cloud. Then he'll have 3 copies, which is quite safe.