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Watch Chris from Pittsburgh, PA Comments

The Kindle doesn't use WiFi. The older Kindle's use wireless via Sprint that is always on and available forever. He could also email PDFs of eBooks to the owner's Kindle address and it'll be converted and downloaded to the Kindle. It is possible to install eBooks via USB connection, though. He needs to convert the books to the MOBI format, and there are a number of good free programs like Calibre. They'll also need to associate the Kindle to an existing account, which will happen when he turns on the Kindle for the first time.

Watch Chris from Pittsburgh, PA Comments

Chris is wondering whether or not the USB external drive connected to his Mac Mini is causing it to boot up so slow. Leo says it probably is, and he recommends choosing StartUp disk in the settings so it'll boot up directly by the SSD. He should also try disconnecting the USB drives before booting up. The Mac Mini may be scanning the drives to mount them first when booting up.

Watch Tony from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Tony works for a security firm and he wants to mirror the data of a hard drive onto a RAID. Leo says the first thing Tony should do is clone the drive since it's a very important drive to his job. Drive's will eventually die, so it's vital for Tony, or anyone for that matter, to clone the drive to back it up. Hard drives usually come with utilities for this purpose. EaseUS has a great imaging utility for that. Once that's done, save the original drive in a safe place and then use the cloned drive moving forward. Then, he can move onto backup solutions like a RAID.

Leo thinks that "RAID 1" (which will write the same data to multiple drives) may not be the ideal solution for Tony. He should get a RAID 5 enclosure (known as Network Attached Storage or RAID 5) that he can insert multiple drives into for backup. If one drive fails, he can replace it and the enclosure will rebuild itself. Leo likes ReadyNAS and Synoloogy.

He wouldn't even really need to create the clone of the drive if he copies the data on the NAS and uploads it to the cloud. Then he'll have 3 copies, which is quite safe.

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Watch Adam from Alva, OK Comments

Adam is looking to get a new LG 5500, but it only has two HDMI ports? Leo says that budget HDTVs usually only have a couple of HDMI ports. He recommends that if you need more, to get an A/V receiver like the Onkyo 616, which includes 7 HDMI ins, and Denon makes a great one as well.

Watch Mike from Glendale, CA Comments

Mike uses POP3 to get his email on his Google Nexus 7 Android tablet, but he doesn't get all his unread email. Leo says that it could be another email client is downloading messages and taking them off the server.

If that isn't the issue, Leo says that using gmail to collect all the pop3 email and then accessing it via gmail on his Android tablet may be the best option. Leo also likes IMAP better, because it leaves all the mail on the server. The Mercury Mail app that Mike has also may have a messed up configuration.

Watch Daniel from New Jersey Comments

Daniel got one of the last Pioneer Kuro Plasma HDTVs. He's thinking about getting another plasma, but is worried that they're going away. Leo says Pioneer got out, and Panasonic is having trouble. Sharp borrowed money to stay afloat. The industry isn't doing too well right now. If he's going to get one, Leo likes the Panasonic VT50. The plasma isn't out yet, but it'll likely become a niche, high end product.

Watch Chris from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Chris has a family tree book in PDF format that she wants to distribute to the family. Leo says having a print on demand service handle the distribution would be the best option. Lulu started this idea, but Amazon's CreateSpace is the best option because it'll also handle eBook sales as well as hard backs. The beauty is, there's no waste and people with Kindle's can download it as well. It can also be available on iPads. Amazon will handle MOBI and ePub formats, so people can use either Apple's iBooks, or the Kindle Reader. Family members can also order hard backs if they'd like.

Watch Dwight from Alta Dena, CA Comments

Dwight is a voiceover artist for a new newsreading app called Umano. He applied, interviewed, was hired and is paid online. He is using the Blue Yeti which is the best mic for his work, but sometimes he gets static feedback in his headphones. Leo says that isn't supposed to happen and there's a short circuit in the mic which is sending voltage into the headphones. He recommends sending it back to Blue for repair or replacement. It's possible that it may just be static electricity, but if it's ongoing, then there's a faulty ground or short and it should be repaired before it causes injury.

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Watch Christine from Frazier Park, CA Comments

Christine has written a book and she went to CreateSpace, where she published in both paperback and Kindle eBook. She says that it's important to be precise in revisions and instructions to editors. But now that she's published her book, how does she get the word out and market it? She has a website, blog, Facebook fanpage, and store. Leo says it will help to link all of them so she can update easier. Does she need a publisher? Leo says not really. The online stuff that Christine has already done will work. Having Facebook pages for all her characters is a good idea, and why not have all of her characters have Twitter accounts and have them tweet interesting things?

Check out APE - Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawasaki. Also, check out Amanda Hocking. She's become huge, publishing 17 books on her own and now is signed to a multi million dollar contract with a mainstream publisher.

Christine's book is Blood and Matzah.

Watch Eric from Anaheim, CA Comments

Leo says this is becoming very popular in restaurants, movie theaters, etc. Many are connected to networked MacMini's which can then be switched on a dime. Many companies do this including 9X Media, A10, and Matrox all specialize in video walls and multiple displays.

Watch Mark from Westchester, PA Comments

Mark says that Norton anti virus on Windows 8 allowed a web search toolbar (called to get on Internet Explorer and it's been a pain in the neck to get rid of. Leo says that while it did happen, it's not really Microsoft's fault. They control 95% of the market and that makes it a huge target. Since it could have come with something else he installed, Mark may have accidentally installed it. Viruses can't get installed unless the user runs some sort of program to trigger them. Just having data can't really do it. It may be a security flaw in IE 10 that allowed it, though. Microsoft has learned a lot since the early days and has done a tremendous amount to combat malware. When they control that much of the market, they become a very popular target.

Leo suggests starting fresh. He should back up his data, format the drive and reinstall the OS from a known, good source. In fact, Windows 8 has a refresh OS feature that will wipe everything and reinstall at the touch of a button.

Watch Jessica from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Jessica wants to get a wireless speaker for her television. Leo says Bose makes some great speakers for this.