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Watch Lanny from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Lanny bought a Firewire 800 external hard drive that his PC doesn't see because it's formatted for Mac. Leo says Lanny can just reformat it for NTFS or even FAT32 and it'll work just fine.

Watch Michelle from California Comments

Leo says to take her time and play with both. The benefit of the MacBook Air is that it's very light weight and compact. It's a tad slower than the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro shines because it has the retina display now which makes the image stunningly beautiful. If Michele is going to be doing a lot of traveling, then the Macbook Air would be the way to go. However, since Michele isn't, Leo recommends getting the 15" MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Watch Christian (K6YNW) from Palm Springs, CA Comments

Christian prints web pages and it would include the link at the bottom. Now it just prints "Bookmark not found." He is attempting to print these pages in Word. Leo says that Word is trying to expand the bookmark and is running into the error. If Christian wants to print the webpage, he can easily do that through the browser itself. Or he could just copy and paste the whole page into Word and print it there. He could also try formatting the text so that it isn't a link. Select the text, and then select normal style when printing.

Watch Doug from Murrieta, GA Comments

Leo say that relying on 3G access to steam video through his iPhone may be problematic for video since streaming takes up a lot of bandwidth. Cellphone internet access is spotty and is dependent on how many users are on the cell site at any given time. It may also be that Doug needs a cellphone signal extender to improve the signal to the RV.

Unfortunately, there may be little to do, with congestion, bandwidth caps, etc.

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Watch Dale from Covina, CA Comments

Dale is using Windows 8 and is a bit frustrated by it. Leo says that using a Windows 8 keyboard will help. The Windows Key will enable her to do a ton of things. Leo also says that if she just starts typing in the Metro interface/Start Screen, it'll automatically show her the right program based on what she starts typing. Leo also says that there's a learning curve that takes a few weeks before she'll get used to it. After that, if it doesn't get easier, maybe downgrading to Windows 7 will be a better choice for Dale.

The chatroom suggests using CLASSIC SHELL, which will make Windows 8 work more like Windows 7. Leo doesn't usually recommend shells but in Dale's case, it may be a good compromise.

Watch Debbie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Debbie will likely need a new HD box which will carry the HD signal, along with subscribing to all the HD channels. This will be an added cost to her satellite bill.

Debbie also wants to trade in her TV for a better screen, but she's on a budget. Leo says that Vizio is a great TV for the money, but Westinghouse isn't all that bad either. On the high end, the best TV to get is the Panasonic VT series, but it certainly is not inexpensive.

Watch Jennifer from Moreno Valley, CA Comments

Jennifer updated her subscription to Avast and now her computer is all screwed up and they want her to pay for a certified technician. So, she went to Eset and they helped her by giving her an uninstall tool. Now she can't install Nod32 because it can't connect to the Internet. Leo says that is likely something left over from Avast that is causing the issue. Check out's Uninstall Utility. The chatroom also suggests booting up in safe mode before running the Avast uninstaller for better results.

(Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor).

Watch Kyle from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Kyle is moving to Android and would like an alternative to iTunes. There are a few he can consider:

  • Media Monkey
  • This is Leo's favorite. It does everything that iTunes does in Windows.

  • DoubleTwist
  • This has a nice WiFi sync feature. The chatroom says it even will preserve star ratings from iTunes. Since Kyle doesn't have to remove iTunes to try this, he could try it out and see if it gives him what he needs.

  • iSyncr
  • This is another potential option.

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Watch Joe from Thomasville, GA Comments

Joe wants to know if there's a voiceover utility for Roku Boxes. Leo says that Roku doesn't have that yet. So, Leo recommends sticking with AppleTV until Roku realizes that accessibility is important.

If he likes Roku, check out for a list of channels available on the RokuBox. There are nearly 1,500 so far, including TWiT.

Watch Alexander from Ontario, Canada Comments

Alexander got some money for Christmas and is thinking about buying a refurbished Windows 7 laptop. Is that a good idea? Leo says yes, but only if he buys them from the manufacturer. It's usually best in case something goes wrong. Everyone is phasing out Windows 7, so now is the time to pull the trigger. Ideally, he would want a new one. Dell has great systems and he can check out their refurb page here.

Watch Alan from Pennsylvania Comments

Alan is buying a new computer and wants to know if it's worth it to pay more for the i5 processor over the i3? Leo says it is. The i3 is essentially an i5 with smaller cache to make it cheaper, which affects performance. So it's better to get the i5. Pay the extra $50 or $100, he'll be glad he did.

Watch Philip from Ontario, CA Comments

Phil's daughter got a Samsung Galaxy Player for Christmas and is having trouble texting her friends on iPhones. Leo says that's because Apple's iPod Touch only uses iMessage. She can use third party apps that will cross the format divide. Check out What'sApp. There's also Kik (but not for younger kids).

Watch Judy from New Jersey Comments

Judy bought a new Dell computer and the USB ports aren't working. She contacted Dell and they actually made things worse by tweaking the drivers and formatting the hard drive in system recovery. Leo says that putting the computer back to the way it was is an easy fix for Dell, and they're looking for a software fix. But Leo thinks it may be a bad USB hub on the computer itself and that's a hardware issue. To get a replacement, Judy will have to go through a lot of steps. It's important to backup the hard drive before she does because they will wipe the drive when repairing it.

Watch Richard from San Diego, CA Comments

Richard has a wireless network, but it's not available all over his house. Leo says a repeater located midway will boost the signal and send it to where he wants it. It's called WDS (wireless distribution system). It's also called a bridge, or repeater. Leo recommends getting the same brand as the router.

Watch Wade from Alberta, CAN Comments

Wade has a Samsung Rugby Phone and he has trouble typing on it. Leo advises trying different keyboards. If he's an Android user, it may be a better idea to return the Rugby and get a Samsung Galaxy Note II. It's larger and easier to type on.