How do I save my unlimited data plan on Verizon?

Episode 938 (1:13:26)

Max from Milpitas, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note II

Max is looking to get a new Android phone. So he got a Samsung Galaxy Note II and lost his unlimited data plan. He wasn't advised of that when he upgraded and he's really mad. Leo says that Verizon should've advised him of that, but the truth is nobody wants to handle unlimited data anymore. All except for Sprint, and their network isn't nearly as good. Leo says that Max should call Verizon back and demand he get his unlimited data plan back. He may have to pay the full price for the phone, but in the long run, it'll be a better bargain for him.

Lately, he's been getting an authentication error on his phone. Leo says that may be an issue with updates. He should make sure he has all the current software updates. Leo had the same problem and it was largely due to a weak WiFi signal. The chatroom says that Samsung Sync is the issue, and removing it will fix it. If Verizon is willing to swap a new phone for him, Leo says go for it. It may be a bad chipset in the phone.