Chris Marquardt and the Darkness

Episode 938 (54:31)

Chris returns for December's assignment ... DARKNESS. Chris was blown away by how many great darkness pictures we got this week. Darkness is great because what ever pops out stands out. Here's the three that he thought stood out -

MsDee - With the black backdrop and the black costume, it really makes the subject stand out. Nice job.

Darkness On The Edge Of Town by Chris Boland - Very artistic. On a road, while driving. Grainy.

light splash by Crozefeet - it's Christmas Tree lights from underneath, and you don't realize it, until you look at it full screen. And then it really pops and flips on you the more you look at it.

All pics:

Out assignment for January ... HOLIDAY! Take a picture by, bout, or otherwise concerning the concept of "holiday," and post it to Flickr, tagging for the Tech Guy Group and the word Holiday. If it pops, Chris may feature it in January!

Also, check out Flickr's new iPhone app. It's awesome!