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Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard signs onto a web pages and when he goes to sign out, it won’t let him. He can’t even scroll back up to the top. Leo says that’s likely a javascript error. There is some malware that does “cross site scripting,” which captures mouse clicks and will cause a similar issue. Leo recommends running both a full scan of his Anti Virus software, and then adding a full scan from Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Rootkit Revealer from Microsoft’s SysInternals site may also help and he can always reset his browser, clearing cache and history.

Watch Pronav from New York, NY Comments

Pronav bought an iPhone 5 on Sprint, but hears that Verizon iPhone’s comes unlocked. Would the Sprint iPhone 5 be unlocked as well, since it’s the same phone? Leo says no. Verizon chose on their own to unlock the iPhones that come through them. Leo believes that going forward, this will likely become the norm though. Will he be able to use his Sprint phone on another service when his contract is over? An eager rep at Verizon may be able to do it by unlocking it with software.

Watch Joe from Pomona, CA Comments

Joe had an older Mac that would allow him to send a fax through OS X, but his new computer won't do that in Mountain Lion. Leo says that was abandoned in the new version of OS X, so he can't do that function anymore with that old fax/modem. Joe needs a voice modem for faxing that's compatible with Mountain Lion. It'll likely need to be external. Leo prefers to use an online fax service, like eFax or MyFax. The cost is around $10 a month, and he'll be able to receive faxes as well, which are sent to his email address.

Watch Christy from Valencia, CA Comments

Christy is going to be traveling soon and is looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note II. Leo uses the Note II and loves the size. Can she get AT&T to unlock her phone? Leo says maybe, if she's nice and she reminds them that she's been a customer for a long time. At the very least, she can buy an unlocked phone from AT&T but she'll be paying full price for it. Then when traveling overseas, Christy can get a SIM card while she's in the UK and get unlimited data. She should make sure to forward her calls. Or better yet, she could use Skype.

Watch Brad from Hollywood, CA Comments

Brad is also going to get a Kindle Fire. He's wondering whether to get the Fire HD, which is a bit more expensive. Leo says yes. It has a higher resolution and a much faster processor. So for another $40, it's definitely worth getting the Fire HD.

Brad also needs to get a router and wants to know what to get. Since Brad lives in an apartment, it may be a good idea to get a dual band router that also uses 5.0Ghz. He can use WiFi Analyzer on iOS or Android to see what frequencies are available and that people are using. That way he will know what's best for his area.

Watch Brad from Hollywood, CA Comments

Brad also needs to get a router and wants to know what to get. Since Brad lives in an apartment, it may be a good idea to get a dual band router that also uses 5.0Ghz. He can use WiFi Analyzer on iOS or Android to see what frequencies are available and that people are using. That way he will know what's best for his area.

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Watch Carlos from West Covina, CA Comments

Carlos' contract is up and he's thinking of getting Sprint because they have unlimited data plans. Leo says the reason why Sprint has an unlimited data plan is that it's a crappy network. There's talk they're bringing more LTE 4G coverage, it may be worth it, but their WiMax 4G is terrible and 3G is slower now. AT&T is consistently rated the fastest, and since Carlos is with AT&T, it may be a good idea to just stick with them. They're certainly no worse than any other carrier.

Leo says that Sprint's competitive position is a good thing because it keeps pushing Verizon and AT&T. But it's just not the best network out there, especially for LTE.

Watch Chuck from San Diego, CA Comments

Chuck's Norton 360 Anti Virus has expired, and now he can't get it off the system. Since he hasn't renewed it, it's messing with his internet connection. Leo says that Norton's anti virus suite is notoriously overzealous. Anti-competitive and predatory? Maybe. If he needs to get rid of Norton AVS, Google Norton Removal Tool. They have a very good tool that'll remove everything and will restore his computer. Get a better antivirus program like Eset's Nod32, or if he doesn't want to pay, Microsoft's Security Essentials.

(Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor)

Watch Rick from Sacramento, CA Comments

Leo says that it may be a firewall issue that's blocking the Facetime's inbound connection. Check out Apple's Knowledgebase article HT4245 on how to open the right port (called port forwarding).

Watch Kurt from LaHabra, CA Comments

Kurt needs to use a previous version of Internet Explorer and Windows won't let him roll back the version, but the script errors are driving him nuts. Leo says that's by design because of security issues. While Kurt needs to use it for Juno, it's only going to get worse. Leo suggests going into his options in Internet Explorer and just disable script error messages. That way it'll still debug, but it won't bother him about it.

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Watch Max from Milpitas, CA Comments

Max is looking to get a new Android phone. So he got a Samsung Galaxy Note II and lost his unlimited data plan. He wasn't advised of that when he upgraded and he's really mad. Leo says that Verizon should've advised him of that, but the truth is nobody wants to handle unlimited data anymore. All except for Sprint, and their network isn't nearly as good. Leo says that Max should call Verizon back and demand he get his unlimited data plan back. He may have to pay the full price for the phone, but in the long run, it'll be a better bargain for him.

Lately, he's been getting an authentication error on his phone. Leo says that may be an issue with updates. He should make sure he has all the current software updates. Leo had the same problem and it was largely due to a weak WiFi signal. The chatroom says that Samsung Sync is the issue, and removing it will fix it. If Verizon is willing to swap a new phone for him, Leo says go for it. It may be a bad chipset in the phone.

Watch Gary from Buffalo, NY Comments

Gary has been using Google Sync with Microsoft Outlook and his Android phone, but it's no longer working. What are his alternatives? Leo says that Google is now charging for the privilege to use Google Sync, and that's too bad. Free users won't get to sync anymore to Outlook. He can pay $5 a month for the capability, but he'd rather not do that.

The Chatroom advises Fieldston Software's gSyncIt. It works with Google, Evernote, DropBox, and more. It will sync calendar, contacts, and notes.

Watch Spence from Denver, CO Comments

Spence's kids are just getting into using a computer under Windows 7 and he wants to sandbox them so they don't screw up his computer or buy something without his knowledge. She accidentally bought an upgrade his Google Wallet for $300!

Leo says that Lifehacker has a great article on sanboxing kids' activity on the web. The chatroom says that there's a linux for kids called QIMO 4 Kids that may also work.

Watch Andrew from Santa Fe, NM Comments

Andrew just bought a MacBook Pro for his wife and she can't use web pages that have flash embedded in them out of the box. It didn't work on Chrome or Safari, but it did work on Firefox.

Leo says that MacBooks don't come with Flash installed. So all he needs to do is download and install the stand alone Flash installer from Adobe. He should close the browsers before he installs it. It's odd it didn't work on Chrome, though, because Chrome comes with Flash built-in.

Watch Sandra from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Sandra got a new notebook and she wants to make her recovery discs. But it's an ultra book. How can she? Leo says use a USB Key. That's better anyway. They're not very expensive. You can boot to it. But if that's too big, then he advises an external hard drive.