Scott Wilkinson and the Hobbit in HFR

Episode 937 (27:32)

Scott joins us again to talk more about The Hobbit in HFR. Scott saw it in AMC ETX with Dolby Atmos and found it to be very compelling.

While Scott respects his opinion greatly, he doesn't really agree with Vince LaFloret, who says in his blog that HFR took him out of the story because it was too sharp, too realistic. Leo says that LaFloret said that audiences who saw it in HFR were so engrossed into the HFR, they didn't really get the film, but when he saw it in 2D, people were engaged, laughing, etc. Scott also admits though, that there were moments that looked like it was a life video presentation on PBS.

Leo also said that as a fan of Tolkein, he really enjoyed it, saying the film story itself was more true to the book than most films based on books are. Scott says he's not much a fan of the Lord of the Rings, but he thought it was super great how it was shot. Leo mentions that he saw a lot of artifacting when he took the TWiT staff to it this week, although they didn't get to see it in HFR and thought the film was "stepped down" in the theater and it caused artifacting that was off putting as well as the lighting looking too dark.