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Watch Brian from New York, NY Comments

Brian is having router problems in his house because it won't cover the entire area. He's created a bridge, but his wireless devices won't switch automatically from one access point to another.

Leo says the second router needs to be in "bridge mode" and not in active router mode, this will make it a repeater and wont allow the second router to assign an IP address. An easier way to do this would be to get a wireless access repeater that runs WDS.

Watch Cordell from North Carolina Comments

Cordel is in the market for a new hard drive. Leo likes Western Digital and suggests either the Caviar Black for speed, or Green for low energy performance.

However, now may be the time to look at SSD drives. SSD stands for "solid state drive". They're random access and read speed is lightning fast. Cordel would have to have the right SATA connection, though. At 1.5 gbps, an SSD may be too slow for him, in which case it is probably better to get a regular hard drive and save the extra money.

Watch Mark from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Mark believes the worst product Microsoft has ever created is Windows 8.

Leo says that it is a very common opinion and it's too bad because Microsoft has "bet the farm" on Windows 8 and everyone hates it. Leo says that, like Apple, Microsoft is trying to move people into a tablet era. That's what the "Metro" interface is all about. However, there is a desktop mode within Windows 8 and Windows RT that function almost identically to Windows 7. Leo says Windows 7 is arguably the best version to date, which is too bad because we live in a "upgrade or die" paradigm that forces companies like Microsoft to constantly change their product.

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Watch Laura from California Comments

Leo suggests visiting This has several suggestions, including the Token Timer or TV Timer BOB. Leo says that TV Timer Bob is the best of the bunch. Another option is to ask her cable provider as most cable boxes have parental controls built in, as well as some TVs that have this feature.

Watch Thomas from Anaheim, CA Comments

Thomas bought an HP Hybrid Laptop with Windows 8 and it's unusable without a touchscreen. He returned it for the Lenovo Twist, it was under-powered and the Tablet twist option is a pain, that it is going back as well. He's looking at the Acer V5 hybrid now.

Leo says Acer makes a good laptop. He could use that and a separate tablet like the iPad Mini? Leo does agree that Windows 8 needs touch, maybe just a touch enabled laptop would be the best. Flowmaster in the chatroom says that Dell XPS12 is a great option, but isn't cheap at $1199.

Leo recently reviewed the Lenovo Yoga on his show Before You Buy.

Watch Melissa from Menefee, CA Comments

Melissa recently bought a Panasonic 3D Smart TV, but she was told she could only buy a Panasonic keyboard for it.

Leo says that Panasonic recommends the Logitech DiNovo Mini Keyboard, and Logitech makes good stuff. Leo's tried it and he really likes it, and it's not that costly at $88.

Watch Bill from Calgary, ALB, CAN Comments

Bill is looking to get his first smartphone. Which one should he get? Windows Phone 8, Android or iPhone?

Leo says that for his first smartphone, and since he's a Windows user, the Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 is a great option. It has a very good camera and some great Nokia apps. Another Windows phone option is the HTC8x. Some of his kids have the iPhone 5, which is also a good option. It has an excellent camera, is beautifully made, and easy to use.

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Watch Alex from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Alex is using QBase software on a MacMini in his music studio. He wants to be able to connect his iPad to it and use it to be keyboard and mouse on his Mac Mini.

Leo says that a VNC client running on both would do the trick. The Mac Mini has this built in, but he will need an app to run on his iPad. Some apps that work well are Mocha VNC, as well as Log Me In or Splash Top. Another option is to control QBase via midi.

Watch Robert from Truckin' on the roads Comments

Robert would love to mount a camera on his Semi so he could have a live feed as he drives. Leo says that there's a camera out there that records and he could save out the last 30 seconds in case he hits another car.

Robert also needs a portable document scanner that can connect to his Samsung Galaxy II. Leo says that there's great scanning apps that use the camera in the phone to work. Cameras are so good in phones these days, scanners aren't really needed.

Watch Mark from Southern California Comments

When running AOL, Mark's mouse goes crazy, but when he goes to AOL via another web browser there is no issue.

Leo says that may not be a virus since it works fine from the web, It could be AOL's crappy software. It could be some sort of malware though, so it's smart for Mark to run his AVS and then run the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. Mark can also do an online scan from Eset, Housecall, etc. The problem with trying to fix it if he does have a virus, is that he could end up having more than one. There also may not be any restore points because they've been deleted, or they could have embedded themselves into the restore point itself. If he does have malware, the only sure way is to backup his data, format the drive, and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.

Watch Steve from Portland, OR Comments

Steve is buying a laptop, but is thinking about replacing the hard drive it with an SSD.

Leo says ideally, it's far easier to just get the SSD when he orders the computer. That way, it's already built into the box. Sometimes he can get a better deal buying the SSD piecemeal. In that case, Steve can image the drive once he gets it, pop it out, and it can become a backup for his SSD. Most hard drives will come with drive cloning software, so clone the drive and pop it in. It's always best to do it the day it comes. Steve may also want to create a set of operating system discs, his laptop OS should have that option as well. Imaging software options include EASEUS.

Watch Laurie from San Diego, CA Comments

Laurie and her husband are getting a Plasma HDTV for Christmas. They were looking at the 75 inch Samsung, which is nice but it's a bit pricey at $10,000. Is it the best option?

Leo says that the larger the screen size, the more expensive they are. Leo just bought a 65" Panasonic Viera VT50 that he likes, and it's currently the best TV made. Sharp makes the Elite series, but they're very expensive. Laurie is also concerned that they'll wear out over time, but Leo says that plasma's no longer have that problem.

Leo also says that if they're going that size, a projector may be a better choice. That way you can go up to 100" or more and won't be laying out $10K to do it. They should check out the Value Electronics 2012 TV Picture Quality Shoot Out.