What's the best cloud backup option for music?

Episode 936 (1:52:29)

Leslie from Washington, DC

Leslie has a very large iTunes music library, and she'd like to back it up. She wants to be sure not to lose it. Leo says that Leslie's best bet is iTunes Match. For $25 a year, her collection gets matched with copies that Apple has, and the ones that aren't matched are uploaded to Apple's servers. She can then stream them and download them again from there. Google has a similar service for free called Google Music. Amazon MP3 also does this for a fee.

Since Leslie uses the iPhone, iTunes Match may be the best bet for her. An added benefit is that all her ripped CDs will be upgraded to 256kb AAC quality with no copy protection. That alone is worth it.

Leslie is also thinking about getting a personal cloud storage option like iOmega Personal Cloud. Leo says it's a good idea, but for what Leslie wants it for, he thinks Pogoplug may be a better option.