What Wi-Fi router would you recommend? (Part 1)

Episode 936 (1:03:07)

Judy from San Jose, CA

Leo says an 802.11n router would be good. If she has DSL now, she probably has a router already, but the question is does she have a Wi-Fi enabled one? Usually the router that comes with broadband is pretty basic. Leo says that Wi-Fi routers are a commodity now and there's not much difference from one to the other. That being said, Leo likes D-Link and NetGear. He's not so fond of Linksys. If money is no option, the Apple Aiport Extreme is the best.

What about dual band routers? Leo says that they're good because 2.4ghz is pretty crowded now, and 5.0 ghz has far fewer people using it. Judy has heard Leo talk about "buffer bloat" as well and wants to know how to prevent that. Leo says that manufacturers don't disclose buffer bloat, which breaks TCP-IP because it relies on RAM too much. If she wants to know if her router is affected by buffer bloat, she can test it with Netalyzer, a utility by UC Berkley.