What third party cellular service should I look at?

Episode 936 (1:25:40)

Gene from Los Angeles, CA

Walmart has a phone service which offers unlimited texting and calling, and Gene is wondering if that's a good deal. Leo says that Walmart is an MVNO (virtual network operator), meaning they resell another company's service, which is T-Mobile. They also offer Sprint's True Connect. There are some limitations because it may not include a lot of data, if any. He should read closely at what he's getting.

ZDNet says that the Walmart service will cut users off if they go beyond their data cap. Also, he has to be aware of what the coverage map is like with the service they're reselling. Thanks to the chatroom, he can choose from other MVNOs here.

Dave called in to say he uses an MVNO that offers Straight Talk and he likes it. He streams music on his phone almost all the time. $45 a month and he's never been shut off or charged more. The downside, like all of the providers, is customer service.