What microphone do you recommend for voiceover work in a home studio?

Episode 936 (44:22)

Dale from San Diego, CA
Heil PR40

Leo says that microphones have a personal quality depending on the person using it. The Heil PR40 mic is the best mic he's ever used. It's pretty cheap at $300. Spectacular performance. Radio Stations prefer the Electro Voice RE-20.

The Heil PR40 is not a condenser mic, it is a passive dynamic mic. Condenser mics have to be powered, and they are very sensitive. They can pick up every bit of vocal quality, but they also pick up every single sound in the room. So he would have to have a perfectly silent room.

In Leo's opinion, however, the Heil PR40 is best. Very good off-axis rejection, ideal for baritone voices. It's directional, and also has a great proximity effect where the closer someone gets to it, the deeper it sounds.