How can I forward my calls internationally?

Episode 936 (2:20:25)

Yoni from Los Angeles, CA

Yoni is traveling over seas and he wants to know if he could forward his Virgin Mobile calls to Thailand. Leo says that Yoni's CDMA phone won't work in Thailand at all. So he recommends buying an unlocked, GSM phone that has a SIM card and then buy a local phone. Leo's first recommendation was to use Google Voice for forwarding the calls, but it won't work to overseas numbers, it is US-only. For this reason, it may be worth contacting Virgin Mobile to see if they have a world phone.

Skype To Go may be an option. Then he can use the Skype app on his phone.

The other option is to just record a message on his voicemail that will give his friends the number he's using in Thailand.