Chris Marquardt and the Location Myth

Episode 936 (1:18:26)

Chris says there's a myth out there that you have be at a great location to get a great picture. Nonsense. Location doens't guarantee great pictures, just different ones. Leo says it doesn't really guarantee to have a great image with a great camera. You can have lousy eye and get lousy pictures just as much with a 5D Mk. II than you can with an iPhone. And you can get a great shot with an iPhone as well. Chris agrees. The key is practicing. Getting really good with your camera and seeing a picture before you take it.

Practice makes preparation and that makes for great pictures. Just go out and shoot anywhere, in different light conditions. Play with the light balance. Experiment.

And don't forget that review of our assignment is coming up ... DARKNESS. Take an image of or about the concept of "darkness," post it to flickr and tag it to the Tech Guy Group. And it may be featured on next week's show!