Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater HiFi

Episode 935 (23:15)

Scott Wilkinson went to see The Hobbit last night, not only in HFR, but also in Atmos. Sadly though, the projector crashed and he couldn't see it. Leo says that digital projectors are just computers and sometimes, they crash. The great irony is that it was a special screening of media by Dolby for the HFR and Atmos presentation. And the great irony is, that while there was a Dolby tech there to handle any Atmos issues, there was no projector tech.

Leo says that the early reviews aren't positive for HFR and the Hobbit. The word is that it looks "hyper real," and fake. Leo says that the world is run by computers and sometimes they are less reliable than their analog counterparts. Scott agrees and says there may be some technical glitches with the 48p presentation. Hopefully, he'll be able to see it and review next week.

A quick question from a listener ... is there a home theater receiver with an HDMI pass through in standby mode? Scott says that often receivers shut that down, but a lot of receivers do, like the Yamaha RXV465-765 will do it. The Onkyo 607 and beyond will do it. It may be a function that needs to be enabled in your menu settings though, so it's worth looking for.

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