What good, fast compact camera do you recommend?

Episode 934 (2:21:23)

Steve from Orange County, CA
Sony Cybershot DSC-600

Steve wants a good compact camera that he can take quick pictures with, and also works well in low light. Leo says that cameras have gotten faster and shutter lag is almost gone. When dealing with "pocket to picture" or power on time, that's still a challenge. Shooting in burst mode is a good thing as well.

  • Sony Cybershot DSC-600
  • This is a good camera, but pricey. It has great low light performance.

  • Sony RX100
  • This camera has a 1" sensor and low light to f1.8. That's really fast.

  • Canon S100
  • This is about half the price of the Sony.

  • Olympus XZ-1
  • The Chatroom says this camera is very fast.

Leo recommends going to dpreview.com and digitalcamerainfo.com to find the specs he needs and read some good unbiased reviews.